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    Are You Affiliated with Cards Against Humanity? 

    No, they don't like cats. This is a nonprofit support project and all proceeds go to saving the kitties. 


    Why did you make this parody game?

    Because we love cats and wanted to save them from being killed in local shelters. Traditional fundraising for nonprofits barely does anything in respects to funds. The reality is that unless you're a government run shelter, you won't receive enough funds to operate. There are only a few no-kill shelters in the country that are private nonprofits, and even they run off multi million dollar budgets. For a small nonprofit such as SOXrescue to be successful, they'd have to find a significant source of funds - the average neonate kitten that enters their shelter costs around $450. So, this is why we donate 100% of profits to the nonprofit.


    Do you really donate 100% of your profits to charity?

    Yes! No one that designed or created Cats Against the World has ever seen a penny of the revenue. The project was designed to be self sustaining to assist the nonprofit: This is how it breaks down. A portion goes to reordering another deck of cards; the next portion goes to advertising then packaging and shipping - the remainder goes to the charity. Everything goes back into keeping the production and fulfillment of the cards running so the shelter can keep running. 


    Are the cards professionally made?

    Yes! Our designers are professional Graphic Designers - they sized everything up to match the cards from Cards Against Humanity. Each card is perfect in size right down to the millimeter, card stock composition, and finish. We wanted you to be playing and surprise your friends when a random Cat card comes into mix. Each cards was game tested so they match and complement any combination of cards.   


    I sent an email/message and no one has gotten back to me, what gives?

    We're terribly sorry for the lack of communication and customer service. The operations of the cards are automatic and the customer service is minimal if not nonexistent.  Volunteers from SOXrescue fulfill every order, which includes shipping, packaging, and answering emails/messages. They do this to keep the project running but are also full time staff who run their shelter, adoptions, and neonate kitten nursery. Even though fulfilling orders is important and critical to keeping the shelter running, the staff will always put the health and welfare of the kittens first before anything. So please, bare with the team - all of us try our hardest to get your orders out as quickly as possible. 


    I placed an order and haven't received it, when can I expect it?

    Very very soon. We're a small group of volunteers who spend our time after work fulfilling orders and shipping them out. We do everything by hand and out of our home so we try our best to get everything out in a timely manner though we do fall behind. 


    Are you guys a scam?

    No - a scam is something/someone who is lying with the intent of benefiting off of dishonesty. Cats Against the World was designed to Save the Kitties. The designers donate 100% of all proceeds to charity - specifically and their life saving programs. Even though we fall behind and take longer that expected in fulfilling orders, everyone still receives their order. This includes customers who filed a charge back or claim. The volunteers that manage the system can't always catch the orders that were canceled or refunded because the label printing and fulfillment is done in bulk. This means that people who initiated a charge back/claim will still receive their cards in the mail - we can't sort those out of the system. So, please be patient - if you initiated a charge back/claim, those excess fees are taken out of and from the nonprofit and ultimately from the kitties. If you did get a deck of cards after the fact, you can either keep them, or pass them on and if you'd still like to support the nonprofit, make a donation.